SoCal Organometallics XV

This was our first meeting at UC Riverside.  Thanks to our hosts, Hill Harmon and Vince Lavallo, for making this meeting a great success.


Jordan Taylor, Harman group, UCR

Steven Fisher, Lavallo group, UCR

Michael Sterling, Larsen group, UCR

Kareem Hannoun, Peters group, Caltech

Courtney Downs, Marinescu group, USC

Yao Lu, Williams group, USC

Zachary Thammavongsy, Yang group, UCI

Erik Paulson, Grotjahn group, SDSU

Jayneil Kamdar, Grotjahn group, SDSU

Liban Saleh, Spokoyny group, UCLA

Scott Shepard, Diaconescu group, UCLA

Stephanie Quan, Diaconescu group, UCLA

Bi Nguyen, Hayton group, UCSB

Nate Hartmann, Hayton group, UCSB